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Life Coaching

Join us as we embark on a professional relationship from which great success
transpires. At Stuart Coaching we work with clients to enhance the quality of their
lives. Which often means helping them figure out what they would like their life
to be like by forming goal setting culminates.
Life Coaching focuses on the present and future of the potential client’s life, for all
the answers are inside the client. And as a life coach I just help them tap into their
inner thought process where all the answers lie for their personal growth and
It must be remembered that a coach is NOT a therapist, psychologist, counselor or
someone who specializes in mental illness. We are not qualified to deal with any
clients who have a history of mental illness, we focus on the present and future of
our clients as a Life Coach.

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Why Us?

  • Strive to develop and create a new and improved motivated you.
  • Allow yourself to become the greatest version of yourself.
  • Work on your happiness and allow only you to manage and control it.
  • Live a life of personal development.
  • Learn who you are, where you are going and what makes you happy.
  • Be the change and believe in you.

Now we at Stuart Coaching know we can’t guarantee you as an individual or a
company all these things, but we can work together as a team in the hope of
achieving all these great attributes and visions for individuals and companies.
The key to our program and benefits is teamwork, dedication and vision. All this
put together will form and create a whole new outlook on life and a brighter
better attitude within your company.

Our Advantages

  1. Through active listening and writing during sessions.
  2. We help you set goals and maintain a suitable program to help you achieve those goals.
  3. As you progress through the program we acknowledge your progress and
    move forward with you.
  4. By empowering you and your company we aim to better the standard of
    your current situation.
  5. Set goals, achieve them and then live a better happier life.

Please note that we deal with both individuals and companies, every situation is
different and may vary from person to company. But there is nothing to worry
about because we customize every experience to the individual and company, so
that we can attain the best possible results for every single person worked with.


I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne from Stuart Coaching, during my coaching
sessions Wayne is very determined, driven and strives to see his clients succeed. The coaching
sessions I experienced were prompt and insightful. Though it was a difficult process Wayne
really helped me get through some of my problems. I will really recommend Stuart Coaching for
all your coaching needs, motivational talks and MC gigs.

Mr. Engelbrecht, Business Owner and Mountain Bike Enthusiast

Wayne is passionate about people, delivering guidance of the highest standards to help you
develop your personal skills, business and career prospects. Whilst discovering new and
exciting opportunities Wayne’s experience as a certified life coach aids you to rapidly move past
current life hurdles giving you clarity and allowing you to experience a more fulfilled life. Stuart
Coaching provides guidance, inspiration, direction, focus and motivation back into your life.

Miss Norman, Designer and Usability Interface Specialist

As a young husband, father and pastor I’ve met many people that have dreams and aspirations
for their future. Some are farfetched and some easily attainable, but 99% of them never
reached. I myself had allot of advice for people but I was not attaining my dreams. Then I met a
man that had dreams of doing things most of us would consider silly and non-profitable.
However, he continued and encouraged me to do the same. It didn’t take me long to realize that
what this man was doing was out of the ordinary. He encouraged me to the point of starting my
real estate business and getting my mind into gear for success by not just dreaming with my
words but to start dreaming with my actions as well. I am proud of myself and thankful to Wayne
for this journey he has put me on. I think every person needs a Wayne in their life. I got mine!
And now that he is a certified Life Coach you can get yours to.

Mr. Jean-Pierre, Real Estate Investor and Dream Achiever