The Unconscious Mind.

//The Unconscious Mind.

The Unconscious Mind.

Have you ever had an idea that just won’t leave your thoughts, and every opportunity you get to work on it or act on it is exactly what you want to do? Well as you’ve probably guessed, I have and that is the main reason I have this amazing blog! I also have a whole lot more going on, but for now lets’ focus on us.

I believe these thoughts are extremely important to our well-being and that’s why they live in our conscious mind all the time. What I’m suggesting is that you actively work on them. Not tomorrow, not next week and not a month from now, I’m asking you to work on them today. Regardless of your daily progress, pursue these desires with immediate effect and don’t hold back on whatever they are. Never allow them to lay dormant in your mind. As the saying goes, “failure is better than regret”.

Further, I ask you all too rather live with a failed attempt than regret. I can assure you failure isn’t where you will leave your plans and dreams. If you fail you will realize you’ve come this far, so picking yourself up and trying again won’t seem all that farfetched. Once you have picked yourself up again, and tried again, whether you fail or not you will make progress. On all your attempts, you may succeed, you may fail, but it is important that the cycle continues because you will achieve what your heart desires.

I have been working on a few plans and projects myself, and I’ve learnt a very important lesson; you don’t always need to speak about what you are planning or what it is you want to achieve. Your goals, dreams and ideas may sound ludicrous to others, which could discourage you. That is not to say don’t ask for help, just pick your confidants’ carefully. Once you are happy with the outcome, then by all means you should speak out about them and showcase them to the world. I would like to end off by adding; be careful of biting off more than you can chew. The feeling of failure is immediate when you haven’t properly planned and prepared for what it is you want to achieve. You will find that you have less to reflect on. Plan effectively, so you can problem solve efficiently.

Good luck and let your success speak for itself.

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