Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

//Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

Let me start by telling you guys that I’ve been feeling a bit drained lately and my mood hasn’t been the best. Every year around this time the factory I work at has a shutdown. What happens during this time is they switch off the plant so that all the work that can’t be done while the plant is in operation, maintenance mostly, is done during the shutdown. I work in the petro chemical industry and I do enjoy the work most of the time, except for the shutdown.

Our small and usually quiet town becomes excessively busy. A whole lot of people come from far and wide, and some of them aren’t the most savory characters. We work long hours, far outside of the usual nine hour day, so it isn’t really an all too pleasant situation. However, someone needs to do the work and our department holds a significant amount of the responsibility, so there is no way of running away from it. All you can do is stay focused, work safe and take each day as it comes. The shutdown literally takes over and shuts down your regular life for about a month.

So, I’m sure you’re asking right now, what is the story behind all this? I’m a positive person and it takes a lot to bring me down. This time of year isn’t that easy to adjust to or accept. I’ve decided that I won’t allow this to stand in my way or bring me down because after my complaining is said and done, there are actually elements to look forward to. Meeting new people, successfully finishing the job, helping those around you and just being in the moment of organised chaos to name but a few. The positives can outweigh the negatives, it’s simply a matter of perspective.

I have decided to make the conscious effort to look on the bright side of the less pleasant situations in life and I’ll tell you, it’s eye-opening. Knowing that you will be faced with difficulties and hardships but also knowing you will not be gaining more than you’re losing. Looking on the bright side has proven to be extremely rewarding and liberating. My days feel fuller, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, there is something to be taken from every situation. I would like to close off by saying that even though life can get uncomfortable from time to time and you may not always like the situation you’re faced with, know that there is always something to be grateful for and something to look forward to on the other side or even in the situation itself. Identify what you can take from your situation, and then seize it with both hands. Don’t allow your time to be lost, taken or wasted, make it count. Remember to keep your head up high and your eye on the prize.

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