Let Passion Be Your Guide

//Let Passion Be Your Guide

Let Passion Be Your Guide

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to give a group of seventh grade boys a motivational talk at my old primary school. I’m not kidding when I tell you the excitement had the better of me. I really couldn’t wait to inspire and motivate this group of youngsters. I felt like I had the chance to go back and inspire myself in a way.


Then about a week before the talk a scary realization hit me, yes I wanted to give the talk and I couldn’t wait to present it either but the problem was I had no idea on how to present the talk or actually what to talk about for that matter. I’ve spoken to big groups of people and small ones but I have never had the opportunity of speaking to such a young group of individuals and it ignited a little fear within me.


Thus along came the old friend, stress. How am I going to go about this, in my mind I began to think perhaps I bitten off more than I could chew. I thought about just how cheeky I was as a thirteen year old and what I thought of people telling me what to do. But I was determined not to let this amazing opportunity go. As I have shared with you all before, motivating and inspiring people is a large part of my passion and dream. Then it hit me, rather than have a motivational session with the young men and trying to instill preconceived ideas in their minds, I could have more of a debate or open style of session with them. I set out a plan where there would be questions and answers shared over the idea of approaching high school and the big change that lies ahead of them.


I’m sure by now you are asking yourself what’s the moral of the story here, where are you going with this Wayne? Well the way I see it is as human beings we get so caught up in our everyday lives and tend to forget who or what we really are, and more importantly what we want to become. By my constant thinking and focusing on being a motivational speaker I got stuck in that mold and it slipped my mind that I’m also a certified Life Coach. Basically, there is more than one way to skin a cat as the expression goes. While planning this talk I was able to take a step back and re-engage my passion of not only wanting to motivate but also to help people on a more personal level and it was there that I found the perfect way to deliver my motivational talk to this amazing group of youngsters.


If I may say so myself, I absolutely nailed it and enjoyed every moment of it. I got to put on the Life Coach cap and have an incredibly engaging coaching session with them which in the process helped address my problems of not knowing how to motivate a group I was not as experienced in dealing with. In the end they were motivated and coached all at the same time and I found it was a really moving experience, so I would like to conclude by saying follow your gut and let your passion guide you. It’s your subconscious talking, and when it has something positive to say, listen.


Until next time,

Wayne Stuart

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