A Bugs Life

//A Bugs Life

A Bugs Life

The other night I was relaxing on my stoep (aka a porch) enjoying a beer after a long day at work, when something quite fascinating caught my eye. I was observing a bug that was trying to climb a vertical wall for a reason I couldn’t quite figure this bug would climb to a point and fall, have a little rest and then try again. It did this for around four or five attempts.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I assume this bug got tired and pretty darn fed up with this wall because it kept climbing but to no avail. Not long after this it seemed to take a good rest then started using the corner of the wall to climb. From what I could see, this little bug had six legs, three on either side of its body. It would put three legs on one side of the wall and the other three on the other side and climb it in that manner.

Now at this point I was fully engaged as I rooted for this bug, it started climbing higher and higher. Then it fell, rested a moment and started again. It still kept falling but it was definitely going higher with each successive attempt. I was still only on my first beer so don’t worry the alcohol wasn’t deceiving me! This bug had a direction and it was upward. I’ll confess I don’t know what this type of bug eats and as I said I don’t know why it was trying to climb this wall. But what impressed me was that nothing was going to stop it or get in its way.

Nature and all its creatures sure do have a way of surviving, including us humans, and I find this amazing. I mean here’s a creature diminutive in comparison to me with a goal of climbing this wall, and nothing was going to get in its way. Let’s forget about the typical question of “Oh, but did it get to the top?” and rather ask yourself what is your excuse for giving up? I pose this question because I know many times, I have excuses for giving up on tasks or bull headedly attacking them with the same approach and expecting different results. It’s in our nature as human beings to do so, however I believe we can learn a valuable lesson from this little bug and depending on you, each of us can take something different away from this anecdote.

My suggestion is simple, choose your wall and how you plan to climb it. Nothing fancy, nothing answer out loud in simple plain English: how are you going to get through life’s challenges and tasks? With your head held high or walking away with a bevy of excuses? I write these blog posts because I too have my own struggles and at times I just want to give up and throw in the towel. But I’m slowly learning to have a different outlook on life, by taking in all life’s lessons no matter how big or small they are and growing from them. By observing instead of assuming I have all the answers. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking a stranger can’t teach you anything, after all this beautiful story and life lesson to me came from a bug.

 So, I would like to challenge all of you to have a better more positive outlook on life. I would also highly recommend readingThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuckby Mark Manson. This book has opened up my eyes to a happier, healthier life and seeing the amazing life lessons in all that life has to offer. We need to stop walking around with blinkers on because life is passing us by, and we don’t even know it. Whenever I write a blog post I try to be as real as possible and I can firmly say there is nothing more real than this story and what it stands for, good luck and all the best in your journey of life, success, wisdom and happiness.

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