So, You Think You’re Funny?

//So, You Think You’re Funny?

So, You Think You’re Funny?

Being who you are, I am sure that over the years you have heard people saying things like, oh wow you’re so elegant you should be a model, or, oh wow you’re so good with animals you should be a vet, or, oh wow you’re so good with people you should be a nurse. Do any of these statements ring a bell? I’m sure they do, however growing up we often find ourselves faced with other problems, either we have parents that don’t want to support our dreams or just perhaps a lack of resources that hold you back, be it in our immediate surrounds or on a personal level.

By now you may have guessed that like yourselves, people have had all sorts of faith in me. The strangest part is that all these words of wisdom and encouragement have only started properly revealing themselves to me from about four years ago. I have to admit that I am a busy character and ideas come and go with me, passion use to come and go, the need to achieve would come and go.

However, as life unfolded so did the truth, like all of you awesome folk I would also have people consistently telling me: Oh wow you so funny or you should go into public speaking; you give such good advice and so on. As I mentioned me being me these ideas would come and go and my will to achieve them would do the same. Most of my life I never had to take a risk, I started working at the age of eighteen and from there I got comfortable, I never had to look for work and settled into a bit of a sedentary lifestyle.

The idea of hustling and struggling were far from my mind, like I said I was comfortable and for that reason I guess that’s why it never phased me much. Because of this all these awesome ideas I had would just come and go, until I reached breaking point, and believe me when I tell you your nine to five won’t take you near your breaking point. It’s way too comfortable and assuring.

What will push you over the edge is recognizing your need to fulfill your passion. For me loads of people would tell me I will do well in the public speaking sphere, be it stand-up comedy or motivational speaking. But what really got my ass into gear was tweaking my life for the greater good of my passion. See, you can be funny but without an angle you won’t break through, you can be an interesting conversationalist but without being motivated you won’t break through. That’s the golden secret for me, actually live your passion and your life will surely follow.

Most people that have made a success of their dreams today, have because they put themselves out there and done whatever it took to live that passion. Without actualizing that undying passion and love for what you want to achieve nothing will happen. I have wanted to get into stand-up comedy for a while now, but it was only when I put myself out there and asked to be part of a show. Now I will prepare for it and put myself in the position to be able to really and properly take part. I can’t explain how excited I am and I’ll let you guys know next time a little of how that went! So please pull whatever advice or life lesson you can from post and be sure to never give up on what you want be or achieve.

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Wayne Stuart      

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