Oh! My Nerves

//Oh! My Nerves

Oh! My Nerves

You may recall that in my last blog post I spoke about how people will often guide you to your destiny unknowingly, if you didn’t catch it and would like to here is the link: Click Here. I put that people would often tell me that I was a really funny guy and should consider giving stand-up comedy a bang. For a very long time I’ve wanted to do it, but you know how life goes, excuses are always easier than just saying screw it and doing the damn thing you should.

But then the best thing happened, you see I’m a strong believer in the manifestation of things you hold value in, so I set myself up for greatness and wouldn’t you know it, it was granted to me. In a chance encounter I met a guy that is involved in the stand-up comedy scene in my area, our comedy scene isn’t big, so I didn’t feel too intimidated when I took a shot and said to him “I’m interested in getting into stand-up comedy my man,” to which he responded “If I put you on a stage now could you perform a five minute set” I paused for a moment, shit I thought, but I still felt confident, so I replied “No, but I could probably talk a whole lot of shit and make people laugh for like two minutes,” at this point I was sure her was going to laugh me off, but to my surprise he shook my hand and with a smile said “Welcome aboard Wayne, you have a shot at being a stand-up comedian.”

Naturally I went through all sorts of emotions, I laughed it off a few days later when he gave me a call and “Your first open mic set is on the 28 February and I’ll have you know you going to be facing a tough crowd.” This was roughly two weeks before the show. My mind exploded and from that point on I was racing back and forth with ideas, I had my first bit of material ready only a week before the gig, he agreed to meet me to read through it. He didn’t seem too impressed but gave me some pointers and sent me back to the drawing board. Then suddenly it was two days before the gig, we met and he read through my material again this time with a much better disposition he offered quite different advice which I found extremely solid and helpful. 

Then like a freight train the day of the gig was on me. We met up again one last time the morning of and he carefully read through my material. After what felt like an age he paused, frowning he turned to look at me.  A smile cracked across his face and he said “My boy, now you ready for stage, this is some good stuff and you are bound to get some laughs!” 

I used the little time I had left and practiced the material as best I could before the gig. Later that evening, feeling a little confident but shot with nerves, I made my way to the venue. My friend arrived shortly after with his crew which consisted of the designated driver, the camera man and three comedians including himself. Believe me when I tell you these gents were lit AF! Their energy brought me new light because by this time my nerves had gotten the better of me and had even been considering giving up until they arrived.

These guys would have none of it, they lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence I needed to get onto that stage. I began to feel like I could do this, this was my night. Fast forward to one minute before show time and I was back to square one, the voice in my head wouldn’t shut up; what are you thinking Wayne? You’re a mad man these people are never going to find you funnyGo home. Give yourself more time to prepare. Try again next month. Believe me when I tell you, I was ready to forfeit this gig.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the next act on stage is his first comedy show ever. Please give him a warm round of applause and welcome on stage Wayne Stuart!” 

I got up walked toward the mic, shook his hand and when I turned around to face the audience all those nerves drained out of me. I knew it was now or never, so I started talking.

I am so happy to be able to say that talking to people in any environment is truly my calling. What frightened me was the idea that in motivational speaking, people know what to expect, and I know how to deliver. In stand-up it’s very hit or miss. There were moments where people laughed and got my jokes and of course there were silent moments where people didn’t get my jokes and I could hear crickets, but I kept swinging. I hit some and missed a few but over all I had the time of my life. I love being on stage and doing this comedy show was just another way for me to explore my talents. Importantly it helped me realize that nothing will ever be perfect in life, but these opportunities are when you realize your potential. Because from that point on you know there is room to grow, room for greatness and with that comes the idea of how high your ceiling truly is. 

Life is scary and full of challenges, however I encourage you to grab that mic, face your crowd and give them your greatest performance ever. As much as you think you may, you won’t die! It’s just a bit of pre-game jitters, we all have that. What’s important is that you grit your teeth and push through. Do what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what it is. You are destined for amazing things and the only way you are going to know what they are is if you keep trying, keep pushing for better with every day of your waking life. Please, be my guest, go out and conquer this amazing life that’s waiting for you. 

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