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About Us

Wayne Stuart and here's a summed-up version of me, I'm loud outspoken and
adventurous. I have always had a passion for people as weird and wonderful as
they are, this passion is not just in getting to know people but also helping them
in any possible way.
So, I decided to go on a journey and did a course in life coaching. My venture into
life coaching has just begun and I'm really looking forward to it. Some of my
greatest passions are motivational speaking, life coaching, mentoring and standup
comedy. How all these meet I don't know yet, but I will find a way to make them
all come together to create a life that reaches out to others.
As I continue this awesome journey I would like you all to join me, and share in
my passion as I intend on bringing you great content in and around my website.
So, brace yourself for change and be prepared to be motivated, inspired and
encouraged to change the way you view yourself as a person and this precious
gift of life.