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3 06, 2019

Just Do It.

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A while ago I decided to take on the challenge of fasting along with my Muslim family, friends and colleagues during the time of Ramadan. I’ve always wanted to fast the same way they do even if it was just once in my life, let’s chalk it up to a mixture of curiosity and being keen for a challenge. So for those of you that don’t know how Muslims fast allow me to give a short explanation. They wake up before sunrise, have a meal and then go to mosque for prayers after which they're fast begins. Only after the sun has set do they break their fast with something small, generally some water and a date. They then go to mosque again for prayers, then come home to enjoy a meal with the family. This is generally done for 30 days or until they sight the moon. The tricky part though, is from sunrise to sunset they don’t eat OR drink anything, it is known as a dry fast.

I’m sure you are wondering why I did it, well here are a few reasons I can pinpoint:

  1. To see if I could go that long without food or water as I’m the kind of guy that really looks forward to every meal, and the snacks in between.
  2. To feel and understand how the body reacts to being deprived of food and water.
  3. To see how disciplined I can be, knowing that there’s water and food around me which I can give into at any time.
  4. Importantly, understanding why the Muslims fast like that in general.
  5. And most importantly, on a personal level, to try something different, new and way out of my comfort zone.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. I’ll have you all know that I completed it successfully. My start to the fast was a few minutes behind but that’s no major train smash considering it was my first time fasting, and the time frame doesn’t carry the deeper meaning for me that it does to my Muslim brethren. 

Let’s move on to the juicy stuff, namely how I felt during my fast. Cold and Fatigued! That was probably the worst part of it all, you would think that hunger will be your biggest challenge, but for me it wasn’t. In all honesty I only got hungry at around one o’clock or so and it lasted for like an hour and a half, then my stomach simply digested itself and I was good to go again. I found that without the food for my body to burn to keep itself hot, the cold really managed to get under my skin. We are in the dead of winter here in my little home town and it can fall below zero degrees Celsius most mornings. So when it came to breaking fast I was happy to be eating and having a beverage, I’m not going to lie to you good people. 

Did I enjoy the experience? Of course I did, and I will do it again. I now know what to expect and I will do it with open arms. This leads me to the message of this blog post; all too often we fear what’s on the other side all because we don’t know what to expect or what it might lead to, so the question is when are you going to try the unknown? Tomorrow, next week, in three months’ time or never. 

That is our sticking point as humans, we fear the unknown because of what others have told us or because of our lack of knowledge about the particular subject. We forget that we are all different and what’s bad for me might not be bad for you and visa versa. Our situations and circumstances are probably totally different but that doesn’t mean you can’t take any advice, take a second to consider the expression eat the meat and throw the bones away. I want to encourage each and every one of you to go the extra mile and show your old friend the comfort zone a proper middle finger, then go ahead and do what you want. It’s the only way you are going to know what is on the other side, by giving it a try.

There is so much to be grateful for and there is so much more to be achieved, don’t allow someone else’s misfortune or negative views to bring you down or instill fear into your own ideas. You are destined for greatness and great you shall be, take care and all the best with your future ventures. They are yours to achieve, enjoy and receive.

Until next time


14 05, 2019

Oh What A Life!!

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I think it can be easy to fall into the trap of going through life like a day on the job, but I have come to see that the experience of life is the most beautiful and extraordinary experience we have been granted. Please don’t get me wrong, we are all faced with hard times and they vary from person to person. I know from personal experience that sometimes you just think ‘screw it all I’m done’. But those feelings don’t last, and if we don’t let them they won’t leave a lasting impression. I implore you to stick with me and perhaps you can take something from this piece as I take you on a little journey along the insights I have gathered in my life.

Let me start by apologizing that this blog post is late. I’ve been caught up with other ventures, as you may know I’ve been dabbling in the world of stand-up comedy and believe me when I say it is the best decision I’ve taken in my life. Not just for the growth I’m experiencing in so many ways, but also for the fun! I really believe that I was destined to be on stage and I’m able to say it so boldly because we are all destined for greatness, it all starts with the self-belief to state what we want outright and the follow through comes down to nothing but effort.

The reason I say this is because I’m on a journey that I believe comes down to manifestation and the law of attraction. The more I allow myself to be absorbed into this amazing journey of positive affirmation the more the universe gives me. Now, we don’t need to understand how it all works, all we need to focus on is receiving, being ready to see and grasp what we want and believe me when it comes, it comes flowing in.

From meeting new people to rekindling friendships that were meant to be, that’s the level of greatness and growth I’m talking about, one of connection. Whatever you do in your life, please don’t shy away from opportunity and the chance at greatness because it was meant for all of us. It doesn’t need to be someone else’s idea of achievement, it’s on a personal scale. One other thing, it certainly doesn’t need to be conventional. Just believe and accept that it was meant for you and it will come, I just hope you’re ready for the massive amount of awesomeness heading your way.

I am certainly no expert in the laws of attraction and positive affirmations, but let me tell you all that the more we practice to have the things we want in our lives the more they will come. We’re very quick to follow the regulars; eat healthy, go to the gym, have a good night’s rest. Yet we allow ourselves to wind up going through the motions, we forget to have a positive outlook on life. Believe me, like everything else in life having a positive outlook takes practice and dedication.

I’m asking you to go out into the world knowing that you were put on this earth for a greater purpose, you have yet to begin to fulfill your real potential. The road will be filled with twists and turns but as with everything in life nothing worth having is handed to you on a silver platter. So hang in there, do whatever it takes to keep your positive vibes flowing, good luck and keep your chin up.

Until next time


3 04, 2019

Oh! My Nerves

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You may recall that in my last blog post I spoke about how people will often guide you to your destiny unknowingly, if you didn’t catch it and would like to here is the link: Click Here. I put that people would often tell me that I was a really funny guy and should consider giving stand-up comedy a bang. For a very long time I’ve wanted to do it, but you know how life goes, excuses are always easier than just saying screw it and doing the damn thing you should.

But then the best thing happened, you see I’m a strong believer in the manifestation of things you hold value in, so I set myself up for greatness and wouldn’t you know it, it was granted to me. In a chance encounter I met a guy that is involved in the stand-up comedy scene in my area, our comedy scene isn’t big, so I didn’t feel too intimidated when I took a shot and said to him “I’m interested in getting into stand-up comedy my man,” to which he responded “If I put you on a stage now could you perform a five minute set” I paused for a moment, shit I thought, but I still felt confident, so I replied “No, but I could probably talk a whole lot of shit and make people laugh for like two minutes,” at this point I was sure her was going to laugh me off, but to my surprise he shook my hand and with a smile said “Welcome aboard Wayne, you have a shot at being a stand-up comedian.”

Naturally I went through all sorts of emotions, I laughed it off a few days later when he gave me a call and “Your first open mic set is on the 28 February and I’ll have you know you going to be facing a tough crowd.” This was roughly two weeks before the show. My mind exploded and from that point on I was racing back and forth with ideas, I had my first bit of material ready only a week before the gig, he agreed to meet me to read through it. He didn’t seem too impressed but gave me some pointers and sent me back to the drawing board. Then suddenly it was two days before the gig, we met and he read through my material again this time with a much better disposition he offered quite different advice which I found extremely solid and helpful. 

Then like a freight train the day of the gig was on me. We met up again one last time the morning of and he carefully read through my material. After what felt like an age he paused, frowning he turned to look at me.  A smile cracked across his face and he said “My boy, now you ready for stage, this is some good stuff and you are bound to get some laughs!” 

I used the little time I had left and practiced the material as best I could before the gig. Later that evening, feeling a little confident but shot with nerves, I made my way to the venue. My friend arrived shortly after with his crew which consisted of the designated driver, the camera man and three comedians including himself. Believe me when I tell you these gents were lit AF! Their energy brought me new light because by this time my nerves had gotten the better of me and had even been considering giving up until they arrived.

These guys would have none of it, they lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence I needed to get onto that stage. I began to feel like I could do this, this was my night. Fast forward to one minute before show time and I was back to square one, the voice in my head wouldn’t shut up; what are you thinking Wayne? You’re a mad man these people are never going to find you funnyGo home. Give yourself more time to prepare. Try again next month. Believe me when I tell you, I was ready to forfeit this gig.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the next act on stage is his first comedy show ever. Please give him a warm round of applause and welcome on stage Wayne Stuart!” 

I got up walked toward the mic, shook his hand and when I turned around to face the audience all those nerves drained out of me. I knew it was now or never, so I started talking.

I am so happy to be able to say that talking to people in any environment is truly my calling. What frightened me was the idea that in motivational speaking, people know what to expect, and I know how to deliver. In stand-up it’s very hit or miss. There were moments where people laughed and got my jokes and of course there were silent moments where people didn’t get my jokes and I could hear crickets, but I kept swinging. I hit some and missed a few but over all I had the time of my life. I love being on stage and doing this comedy show was just another way for me to explore my talents. Importantly it helped me realize that nothing will ever be perfect in life, but these opportunities are when you realize your potential. Because from that point on you know there is room to grow, room for greatness and with that comes the idea of how high your ceiling truly is. 

Life is scary and full of challenges, however I encourage you to grab that mic, face your crowd and give them your greatest performance ever. As much as you think you may, you won’t die! It’s just a bit of pre-game jitters, we all have that. What’s important is that you grit your teeth and push through. Do what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what it is. You are destined for amazing things and the only way you are going to know what they are is if you keep trying, keep pushing for better with every day of your waking life. Please, be my guest, go out and conquer this amazing life that’s waiting for you. 

Until next time,


16 03, 2019

So, You Think You’re Funny?

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Being who you are, I am sure that over the years you have heard people saying things like, oh wow you’re so elegant you should be a model, or, oh wow you’re so good with animals you should be a vet, or, oh wow you’re so good with people you should be a nurse. Do any of these statements ring a bell? I’m sure they do, however growing up we often find ourselves faced with other problems, either we have parents that don’t want to support our dreams or just perhaps a lack of resources that hold you back, be it in our immediate surrounds or on a personal level.

By now you may have guessed that like yourselves, people have had all sorts of faith in me. The strangest part is that all these words of wisdom and encouragement have only started properly revealing themselves to me from about four years ago. I have to admit that I am a busy character and ideas come and go with me, passion use to come and go, the need to achieve would come and go.

However, as life unfolded so did the truth, like all of you awesome folk I would also have people consistently telling me: Oh wow you so funny or you should go into public speaking; you give such good advice and so on. As I mentioned me being me these ideas would come and go and my will to achieve them would do the same. Most of my life I never had to take a risk, I started working at the age of eighteen and from there I got comfortable, I never had to look for work and settled into a bit of a sedentary lifestyle.

The idea of hustling and struggling were far from my mind, like I said I was comfortable and for that reason I guess that’s why it never phased me much. Because of this all these awesome ideas I had would just come and go, until I reached breaking point, and believe me when I tell you your nine to five won’t take you near your breaking point. It’s way too comfortable and assuring.

What will push you over the edge is recognizing your need to fulfill your passion. For me loads of people would tell me I will do well in the public speaking sphere, be it stand-up comedy or motivational speaking. But what really got my ass into gear was tweaking my life for the greater good of my passion. See, you can be funny but without an angle you won’t break through, you can be an interesting conversationalist but without being motivated you won’t break through. That’s the golden secret for me, actually live your passion and your life will surely follow.

Most people that have made a success of their dreams today, have because they put themselves out there and done whatever it took to live that passion. Without actualizing that undying passion and love for what you want to achieve nothing will happen. I have wanted to get into stand-up comedy for a while now, but it was only when I put myself out there and asked to be part of a show. Now I will prepare for it and put myself in the position to be able to really and properly take part. I can’t explain how excited I am and I’ll let you guys know next time a little of how that went! So please pull whatever advice or life lesson you can from post and be sure to never give up on what you want be or achieve.

Until next time,

Wayne Stuart      

3 02, 2019

A Bugs Life

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The other night I was relaxing on my stoep (aka a porch) enjoying a beer after a long day at work, when something quite fascinating caught my eye. I was observing a bug that was trying to climb a vertical wall for a reason I couldn’t quite figure this bug would climb to a point and fall, have a little rest and then try again. It did this for around four or five attempts.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I assume this bug got tired and pretty darn fed up with this wall because it kept climbing but to no avail. Not long after this it seemed to take a good rest then started using the corner of the wall to climb. From what I could see, this little bug had six legs, three on either side of its body. It would put three legs on one side of the wall and the other three on the other side and climb it in that manner.

Now at this point I was fully engaged as I rooted for this bug, it started climbing higher and higher. Then it fell, rested a moment and started again. It still kept falling but it was definitely going higher with each successive attempt. I was still only on my first beer so don’t worry the alcohol wasn’t deceiving me! This bug had a direction and it was upward. I’ll confess I don’t know what this type of bug eats and as I said I don’t know why it was trying to climb this wall. But what impressed me was that nothing was going to stop it or get in its way.

Nature and all its creatures sure do have a way of surviving, including us humans, and I find this amazing. I mean here’s a creature diminutive in comparison to me with a goal of climbing this wall, and nothing was going to get in its way. Let’s forget about the typical question of “Oh, but did it get to the top?” and rather ask yourself what is your excuse for giving up? I pose this question because I know many times, I have excuses for giving up on tasks or bull headedly attacking them with the same approach and expecting different results. It’s in our nature as human beings to do so, however I believe we can learn a valuable lesson from this little bug and depending on you, each of us can take something different away from this anecdote.

My suggestion is simple, choose your wall and how you plan to climb it. Nothing fancy, nothing answer out loud in simple plain English: how are you going to get through life’s challenges and tasks? With your head held high or walking away with a bevy of excuses? I write these blog posts because I too have my own struggles and at times I just want to give up and throw in the towel. But I’m slowly learning to have a different outlook on life, by taking in all life’s lessons no matter how big or small they are and growing from them. By observing instead of assuming I have all the answers. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking a stranger can’t teach you anything, after all this beautiful story and life lesson to me came from a bug.

 So, I would like to challenge all of you to have a better more positive outlook on life. I would also highly recommend readingThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuckby Mark Manson. This book has opened up my eyes to a happier, healthier life and seeing the amazing life lessons in all that life has to offer. We need to stop walking around with blinkers on because life is passing us by, and we don’t even know it. Whenever I write a blog post I try to be as real as possible and I can firmly say there is nothing more real than this story and what it stands for, good luck and all the best in your journey of life, success, wisdom and happiness.

Until next time,


9 01, 2019

A New Year Has Come.

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Well what do you know, you stop to wipe the shit out your eyes and all of a sudden you’re faced with a new year. I’m sure that you have a whole lot of new plans and ideas that you hope to fulfil.

But reality has struck, your leave is up, the year has fully commenced and it’s time to head back to work. However, you will remain adamant that you are going to achieve these goals: going to gym, eating healthy, starting new hobbies and the list goes on. I mean you are the King/Queen of the world right now and nothing is going to stand in your way. So you get the gym membership, join a book club blah blah blah!!

But as the days go by and reality starts to settle in we all know what happens. You begin to find that more and more your enthusiasm takes the back seat, you’re busy and everyone around you is to blame for your lack of achievement, they keep distracting you right? But really somehow you forgot that these ambitions and wants are solely yours. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but I’m guessing I’m right and as you reading this you probably telling me off in an internal monologue “how dare you insult me Wayne, you don’t know what my life is like, the pressures I have to deal with”. And I agree with you one hundred percent I don’t know what your life is like but hear me out for a second.

Everything we go through in life is either our own fault or our own gain. What we fail to realise is at the beginning of all of this, these were our ideas and goals. We set goals that we wanted out of life for ourselves, they are ours and ours alone, so how can you possibly blame your boss, working hours, lack of enthusiasm and laziness on others. What we should be doing when we realise we have failed at one of our resolutions is taking a step back to see where we might have gone wrong. Internalise and adjust.

Putting it bluntly we all have trials and tribulations, so I’ll excuse that excuse of ‘problems’, you won’t be the first or the last person on earth with problems the only difference is the severity of the problem and our ability to handle it which differs from person to person. You need to take a solid look at where you are and where you want to go in order to achieve what it is you would like to achieve. Honestly, I’m in the exact same boat in my personal life and I’ve decided to try a different approach, instead of tackling my goals head on I’m combing through the problems first and by problems I mean laziness, lack of motivation, lack of dedication, financial issues or whatever it may be. I’m asking myself, where did I go wrong.

I’m starting with the problem first and then working out a way of getting around it. Have you noticed a pattern, you tend to start your new year’s resolutions with a bang and then a couple of weeks later you’ve burnt out. I’ve realised that it’s not the lack of drive that kills us, instead it’s the lack of structure that kills us. I mean to say that I too have big goals and dreams for the future but I have learnt that I’m not going to achieve them by going in guns blazing, by doing this all I’m doing is setting myself up for is disaster as I have in the past. Instead I’m figuring out what’s slowing me down, putting that behind me and then progressing forward so that these issues don’t get in the way of my direction and flow. Believe me they can inhibit you in a big way, so I’ve learnt that by understand these problems you create the possibility for your journey to be much smoother and far more manageable and stress free as you tackle another year.

I want to wish you all the best for 2019. Stay humble, focused, excited, dedicated and true to your cause. By doing this you will make great strides and everything will take the shape that you want it to. Yes, you will be faced with hard times and many difficulties, but at the end of this year don’t you think that being triumphant in those circumstances will make you appreciate your achievements and hard work that much more. 

Until next time,


4 12, 2018

Let Passion Be Your Guide

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Recently I had the amazing opportunity to give a group of seventh grade boys a motivational talk at my old primary school. I’m not kidding when I tell you the excitement had the better of me. I really couldn’t wait to inspire and motivate this group of youngsters. I felt like I had the chance to go back and inspire myself in a way.


Then about a week before the talk a scary realization hit me, yes I wanted to give the talk and I couldn’t wait to present it either but the problem was I had no idea on how to present the talk or actually what to talk about for that matter. I’ve spoken to big groups of people and small ones but I have never had the opportunity of speaking to such a young group of individuals and it ignited a little fear within me.


Thus along came the old friend, stress. How am I going to go about this, in my mind I began to think perhaps I bitten off more than I could chew. I thought about just how cheeky I was as a thirteen year old and what I thought of people telling me what to do. But I was determined not to let this amazing opportunity go. As I have shared with you all before, motivating and inspiring people is a large part of my passion and dream. Then it hit me, rather than have a motivational session with the young men and trying to instill preconceived ideas in their minds, I could have more of a debate or open style of session with them. I set out a plan where there would be questions and answers shared over the idea of approaching high school and the big change that lies ahead of them.


I’m sure by now you are asking yourself what’s the moral of the story here, where are you going with this Wayne? Well the way I see it is as human beings we get so caught up in our everyday lives and tend to forget who or what we really are, and more importantly what we want to become. By my constant thinking and focusing on being a motivational speaker I got stuck in that mold and it slipped my mind that I’m also a certified Life Coach. Basically, there is more than one way to skin a cat as the expression goes. While planning this talk I was able to take a step back and re-engage my passion of not only wanting to motivate but also to help people on a more personal level and it was there that I found the perfect way to deliver my motivational talk to this amazing group of youngsters.


If I may say so myself, I absolutely nailed it and enjoyed every moment of it. I got to put on the Life Coach cap and have an incredibly engaging coaching session with them which in the process helped address my problems of not knowing how to motivate a group I was not as experienced in dealing with. In the end they were motivated and coached all at the same time and I found it was a really moving experience, so I would like to conclude by saying follow your gut and let your passion guide you. It’s your subconscious talking, and when it has something positive to say, listen.


Until next time,

Wayne Stuart

3 11, 2018

Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

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We all have a hero, someone we look up to, if you don’t you should find one. The title reads ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’, and to me the saying implies that they are all perfect? Well then without further ado, welcome to yet another rambling blog post where I tell you guys a story and hopefully inspire you a little. Before I continue though, I need you all to understand that my hero means the world to me, and my hero has done nothing but set the bar high for me in the best ways possible, so here goes.

My hero is my mother, Penelope Stuart (A.K.A Penny). Not only did she give birth to me but she has also set some extremely high standards for me throughout my life. She has shown me the importance of love, how to appreciate everything I have, to always stand up and fight for myself and most importantly she has taught me the value in living the best life I can. Don’t get me wrong both my parents are my heroes for different reasons but this story is specifically about my mother. Now that I think about it perhaps at a later stage I could fill you guys in about my Dad and why he is my hero for all kinds of different reasons.

So a few weeks ago my mother decided to take part in an annual event in our home town, Secunda. The event is called the ‘Warrior Princess’, an obstacle course race undertaken in groups so everyone can help each other out. Not my mother though, she did it ALONE. Just in case you missed that I repeat she did an intense obstacle course, ALONE! If I have any international readers, this race is pretty much exactly the same as the famous Warrior Race, and I know from personal experience these events are no joke.

So you may be thinking it’s not such a big deal, I could probably do an obstacle course race. Let me paint a picture for you, my mother goes for daily walks and didn’t train at all for this ‘Warrior Princess’. When she told me “Wayne I have entered myself for this race and I will finish it”. My reply was the same as she would have given me, to “go for gold mom, but who is running with you?” She replied “no one” without a hint of self-doubt. I was blown away, amazed at her courage and after giving her a little warning from my experience with the race I wished good luck and begged her to let me know how it goes as soon as she finished. That is what makes her a hero to me, no fear. She saw a challenge she wanted to conquer and she tackled it, literally, head on.

When she was finished and freshened up a little I’m quite sure, she posted in our family group on WhatsApp, “I’m done with the Warrior Princess, I was adopted by a group of ladies, my body is a little sore and I have a few bruises here and there, but I’m done and it was amazing”. Now if this isn’t someone to look up to then I don’t know what is. She undertook the challenge alone, she had the courage to do so and when she needed help she had the courage to ask for that too. Of course my mother is someone I will always look up to for a whole lot of reasons, but this scenario took the cake. When I asked her what made her decide to do this race her reply was as amazing as I should have known it would be. She said and I quote “To be honest with you, I didn’t know what it was I just thought I would give it a shot. I like physical out door stuff”. She didn’t overthink it, she didn’t give any opportunity for self-doubt to set in. She decided she wanted to do the race, and did it.

In closing I would like to encourage everyone to do whatever it is your heart desires for these reasons, to name but a few: your own happiness, to achieve your goals, to attain success and possibly inspire others because you never know who is watching you and what impact you may have on their life. Choose the person you look up to wisely and make sure they inspire you to become a better person. Heck don’t be afraid to have more than one hero, but don’t base your choices on their external successes, pay attention to their traits that you wish to emulate. Of coarse no one is perfect but if they can change your life for the better in any way, then I would strongly encourage you to pay close attention to that person and learn all that you can from them.

Until next time,


3 10, 2018

Everything Will Be All Right.

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As we go through life we will inevitably face hardships and difficulties, I’m sure we can all agree on that. Regardless of how big or small they may be. Just this month I found myself facing some difficulties of my own. The burning question became are these major problems or minor ones, and just what dictates a major problem. As human beings we are all different, we have different anxieties and different levels of stress, and we could never really know the difference. This led me to consider that perhaps we often tend to overthink our issues and, in some cases, make it worse than it actually is.


Now please bear with me, I am not saying your problems are insignificant and are something you can or should simply get over quickly, what I’m getting at is to try to take the back seat and look at your issues from an outsider’s perspective. What advice would you give to a friend who came to you with the same problem? I’m quite certain that once you have analysed them you may just realize that maybe the problem isn’t that big, that you can indeed handle it and you might even just be blowing it out of proportion. After all they are your issues to deal with, and that you carry the weight of, so it is only natural that they can become a little overwhelming in at times.


When getting into the problem solving mode we need to take a step back and see where the problem stems from, lest it rear its ugly head once we have put to bed. Then we must realize that the more we dwell in the negativity of our problems, the greater they become to us. Lastly we can attempt to figure out the shortest possible way of solving these problems because the sooner you can solve them, the better for your health and sanity. If we can’t solve them right off the bat, let’s not be afraid to return to the root, reassess and tackle them again. We will only be stronger for it.


In closing, I want you to understand that even though we can solve most of our problems ourselves, we must never be shy to seek help if we can’t seem to deal with the issues on our own. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to someone that you feel you can confide in or trust. After all, there is always someone willing to help, there are professionals, and we just need to be brave enough to ask. In most cases you aren’t the only person suffering with a particular problem, it will be something someone has already dealt with, or is going through themselves. Help and guidance is readily available for those who seek it. It is important that you don’t allow your pain, reservations and downfalls to run your life. They are not worthy of your valuable time, they are holding you back. Your happiness and passion to succeed deserves all your attention, so resolves those issues and remove the barriers that stand in your path.


Whatever it may be that you are faced with know that there is help out there and that you are not alone, even if it may feel that way. There is always a way out of what you are going through and know that everything will be all right.


Until next time,


3 09, 2018

Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

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Let me start by telling you guys that I’ve been feeling a bit drained lately and my mood hasn’t been the best. Every year around this time the factory I work at has a shutdown. What happens during this time is they switch off the plant so that all the work that can’t be done while the plant is in operation, maintenance mostly, is done during the shutdown. I work in the petro chemical industry and I do enjoy the work most of the time, except for the shutdown.

Our small and usually quiet town becomes excessively busy. A whole lot of people come from far and wide, and some of them aren’t the most savory characters. We work long hours, far outside of the usual nine hour day, so it isn’t really an all too pleasant situation. However, someone needs to do the work and our department holds a significant amount of the responsibility, so there is no way of running away from it. All you can do is stay focused, work safe and take each day as it comes. The shutdown literally takes over and shuts down your regular life for about a month.

So, I’m sure you’re asking right now, what is the story behind all this? I’m a positive person and it takes a lot to bring me down. This time of year isn’t that easy to adjust to or accept. I’ve decided that I won’t allow this to stand in my way or bring me down because after my complaining is said and done, there are actually elements to look forward to. Meeting new people, successfully finishing the job, helping those around you and just being in the moment of organised chaos to name but a few. The positives can outweigh the negatives, it’s simply a matter of perspective.

I have decided to make the conscious effort to look on the bright side of the less pleasant situations in life and I’ll tell you, it’s eye-opening. Knowing that you will be faced with difficulties and hardships but also knowing you will not be gaining more than you’re losing. Looking on the bright side has proven to be extremely rewarding and liberating. My days feel fuller, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, there is something to be taken from every situation. I would like to close off by saying that even though life can get uncomfortable from time to time and you may not always like the situation you’re faced with, know that there is always something to be grateful for and something to look forward to on the other side or even in the situation itself. Identify what you can take from your situation, and then seize it with both hands. Don’t allow your time to be lost, taken or wasted, make it count. Remember to keep your head up high and your eye on the prize.

Until next time,