3 08, 2018

Why I Do This?

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Writing brings me a certain calm, it allows me to express a vision for what it is I want to achieve in life, in all aspects of this incredible journey. Now I would hardly say that I’m a regular writer, but when I do write I try make it as meaningful and impactful as possible. The way I look at it is that we all have strengths, some natural and some honed over time. What I’m getting at, is that someday I would like to be a good writer but for now this is where I’m at and I trust that you will bear with me.

The beauty of life is that there is no rule book. In many instances, no right from wrong. Strictly speaking in terms of your career path and goals here, we’re not about to delve into the murky waters of moral quandaries! Rest assured that you can start or restart where ever and whenever you would like. All our situations and circumstances are different so try not to be phased about what the next person is doing, it’s your life and you’re in control. Find your niche and go for it whole heartedly, after all the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself.

This train of thought lead me to a question “what do you like about yourself?”, and I feel you need to really think about this. Write it down, heck make a flow chart, add pictures to it! There should be no limitations to getting to the correct answer, there isn’t just one, so go mad and do whatever it takes to get to something you know to be true, something that could be true, and something you can be proud of. Once you have done that then you can trace back to discover your ‘niche’. The word ‘niche’ could have a totally different meaning to me than you. For myself, it is a true reflection of oneself. In other words, what are you good at? From there you can get into researching and properly planning your dreams, goals and ambitions. Its’ one thing to keep them locked up in your head, materializing them before your eyes could end up being just the push you need.

There are a lot of people in the world doing great things that end up helping them make money, find happiness, believe in love and become the greatest versions of themselves. My advice to you would be not to look any further than the man or woman in the mirror, because that person has the capability to surprise you beyond your wildest dreams. Go out into the world without limitations or doubt. Begin the quest to find yourself, your true self. I started this journey about 3 years ago and believe me there is no greater reward than self-discovery. There is no finish line, no limit, and that is a wonderful thing to discover in its own.

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4 07, 2018

What’s My Age Again.

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How do you handle the process of ageing? Some fight it, others embrace it. I for one choose to embrace it. What I’ve noticed is that wisdom certainly does come with age, it is a direct result of experience. That led me to ask the question - what exactly constitutes wisdom? We all have our theories around growing older and wisdom but I think what we may be missing are the various ways ageing changes us. Physically, emotionally, mentally, the list goes on. What I think is important is that we should learn to embrace age because it is inevitable. The sooner we accept it the better. Easier said than done though, I know!

Seeing that July is my birth month and I’ll be turning 30, I thought I would share my sentiment on ageing, so here goes! I love the process of ageing as a whole. I enjoy the maturity that comes with age, assuming you have the self-awareness to notice a change in yourself. I’ve always considered myself a very mature individual but with age it’s only improving. I enjoy the fact that little things don’t bother me the way they use to. I’ve reached a point in my life were I’ve stopped worrying about the opinion others may have of me. My life is mine to live. I enjoy that I have developed a strong confidence in myself and a will to achieve anything I set out to in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t value others opinions about me, positive or negative. It’s not that I don’t care about my fellow man, I absolutely do. What I have to come realize is that there is a certain level of humility one must have to progress through this journey of life successfully, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done at the expense of your dignity. So here’s my advice, embrace the process of ageing no matter how it changes you, we may not always be as pretty as we were yesterday, but at least we may know a little better. Don’t take experience for granted, it is one of our most valuable tools.

In closing I would like to encourage you to look after yourself. Eat as healthy as possible, exercise as often as you can and most importantly try to enjoy every second of your waking life. Very few of us are privileged with a long and prosperous life, so make the most of what you have in this and every given moment, because you never know when it will be taken away from you. I don’t mean to sound negative, I would just like to encourage you to give a hundred and ten percent, enjoy life and make the most of what you have.


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3 06, 2018

The Unconscious Mind.

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Have you ever had an idea that just won’t leave your thoughts, and every opportunity you get to work on it or act on it is exactly what you want to do? Well as you’ve probably guessed, I have and that is the main reason I have this amazing blog! I also have a whole lot more going on, but for now lets’ focus on us.

I believe these thoughts are extremely important to our well-being and that’s why they live in our conscious mind all the time. What I’m suggesting is that you actively work on them. Not tomorrow, not next week and not a month from now, I’m asking you to work on them today. Regardless of your daily progress, pursue these desires with immediate effect and don’t hold back on whatever they are. Never allow them to lay dormant in your mind. As the saying goes, “failure is better than regret”.

Further, I ask you all too rather live with a failed attempt than regret. I can assure you failure isn’t where you will leave your plans and dreams. If you fail you will realize you’ve come this far, so picking yourself up and trying again won’t seem all that farfetched. Once you have picked yourself up again, and tried again, whether you fail or not you will make progress. On all your attempts, you may succeed, you may fail, but it is important that the cycle continues because you will achieve what your heart desires.

I have been working on a few plans and projects myself, and I’ve learnt a very important lesson; you don’t always need to speak about what you are planning or what it is you want to achieve. Your goals, dreams and ideas may sound ludicrous to others, which could discourage you. That is not to say don’t ask for help, just pick your confidants’ carefully. Once you are happy with the outcome, then by all means you should speak out about them and showcase them to the world. I would like to end off by adding; be careful of biting off more than you can chew. The feeling of failure is immediate when you haven’t properly planned and prepared for what it is you want to achieve. You will find that you have less to reflect on. Plan effectively, so you can problem solve efficiently.

Good luck and let your success speak for itself.

3 05, 2018

Because I Can.

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Have you ever found yourself doing things that you can’t explain to someone with that annoying question “But why are you doing it?” even if that person is you. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a jog or waking up earlier than the average Joe or Jane. Bear in mind this is something out of the ‘ordinary’ or something you wouldn’t normally do. I have recently started gyming in the mornings, so I’m up bright and early Monday to Friday to hit my morning gym sessions, why?

One morning, as usual, I woke up, still dark out, got prepared and dressed for gym and as I sat in my car getting ready to start it and head out I asked myself “what are you doing? Its 04:55 in the morning, its cold as hell, you could be warm in bed!”. I was still somewhat in a daze and yet here I was, wanting to go to gym. It was at that exact moment I said to myself “I’m awake this early in the morning and heading to gym Because I Can.”

Which leads me to my message in this blog post. As you can see the title is self-explanatory and pretty much the answer to all your ideas and goals crazy or not. So, the next time you feel you can’t go on or someone asks you a stupid question like why are you doing that? Or what are you doing that for? Simply answer ‘Because I Can’, there’s no need for you to explain yourself to anyone but yourself.

I’m in love with this idea because it allows me to be free in my life and my body. At the end of it all you only have yourself to praise or blame when things go right or wrong. So, going forward, do what makes you happy and more importantly do whatever you feel will make you grow and achieve your desired goals. I want to wish you all the best with this new idea and enjoy every moment of taking charge of you, your life and your destiny.

3 04, 2018

Being Honest Does No Harm.

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As I write this blog post I’m not sure on what to jot down, see writing is something I enjoy doing but struggle to write something of value and meaning all the time. So as of now I decided to write every blog post based on my current feelings and state of mind. After all I guess that’s what a blog post is all about.

Being motivated is something I must work on daily and I encourage you to do the same, it’s difficult to create a life of happiness and drive when life constantly pulls you the other way. So here I am opening up to you as the reader of this post and I will try my best to keep my blog posts as honest and raw as possible because I feel that’s what makes you a good writer and dedicated to your cause.

In my previous post I spoke of picking yourself up and facing life head on, so here’s my first step in taking my own advice. To bring to you the reader of my blog posts closer to who I am and what I’m doing to be more motivated and driven, I’ve decided to better manage my time and life by waking up earlier every morning and planning my day as best I can. Your daily plans might not always work out, but the most important thing is you have a plan some sort of schedule you work by, I’ve also started meditating on a daily basis it’s quite tricky but it’s really rewarding as slow as the process may be.

The most important part of this exercise is to start. It’s the only way you going to discover happiness and peace in oneself. Spend time with yourself even if it’s just for a short while daily embrace who you are and don’t shy away from it, get fit and eat healthy push your limits and create a space for yourself that you can manage and control as I like to say take baby steps just be sure to take a step.

1 02, 2018

2018 Current Affairs.

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2018 Current Affairs - Taking a look into a New Year which is usually filled with ups and downs. But don't you fear because here is a glimpse of hope with some guidance, to see you through I www.wssc.co.za

The joys of approaching a new year pumped up and ready for action, when suddenly things don't go your way. But not to fear this blog post has just the tips and guidance you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go for gold.


Don’t you find it strange a New Year starts, and there you are with this burst of enthusiasm, yes you convinced that whatever it is you have planned is going to work. Joining the gym, eating healthy, waking up earlier, business plans the whole bang shoot is all in order and your year is looking good.

When suddenly you got to get back to work and right into the swing of things and BOOM! Reality settles in and all your ideas and goals go down the drain isn’t life unfair I mean there was no way it wasn’t going to work but here you are right back at square one.

Well I’ve got good news for you there’s still time to pick yourself up and try again because that beautiful word hope is on your side and you can get things back to where they were a few days/weeks ago. Yes, you heard me there is still time have you ever heard the time old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! Well there you have it take it all in your stride there’s no rush to achieve your goals, because putting pressure on yourself won’t help either. Why do I say this? Because I’ve also been one to rush and want to attain everything in the blink of an eye. But I’ve learnt patience, planning and hard work go hand in hand in this journey of life no matter what it is you want to achieve.

So, moving forward into this month and preparing for all that it is you want to achieve learn to take your time and appreciate the small victories in life, yes learn to accept setbacks and hurdles to because there’s some valuable lessons to be learnt in them and once you have, the journey and all you are going through comes into perspective and you can enjoy this beautiful gift of life. Striving to make tomorrow a more successful well-planned day.