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Club Shoot 29 June 2024 POCKET PISTOL

29 June @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


This will be our first POCKET PISTOL CHALLENGE

We will be trying our new rotating target set-up and this will be a super fun day with loads of learning

30 rounds per session

This is how Pocket Pistol does it:

  1. You first shoot the “Precision” series –
    1. ten shots at 15m within the 100 seconds allowed this – includes the compulsory reload – the targets face you for 100 seconds before turning away, thus signaling the end of the “precision” series.
  2. After scoring and patching your Precision target,
  3. Reloading time is allowed between each string
  4. Now the targets start controlling you
    1. they are set to face you for two seconds and then turn away out of view for five seconds (2F:5A).
    2. you move to the 10 metre mark and fire two more 5-shot strings at the rate of one shot for each 2-second exposure of the target.
    3. Now you move down to 7 metres for some “double-taps”: for this series the target turns to face you only three times for each of your two 5-shot strings.
      1. You may choose your own firing sequence – the most common sequence is probably 1+2+2; but 2+2+1,but 1+1+3 is not permissible!
      2. However you do it, you fire your full load of 5-shots within the three 2-second exposures of the target; and then repeat the exercise.
    4. So a 30-shot Pocket Pistol event comprises three series of IO-shots each.
      1. The “Precision” shoot at 15 metres;
      2. faster single shots with the target turning at 10 metres and
      3. finally the double-taps at 7 metres.
    5. Your weapon must be held down at 45 between shots.
    6. The maximum possible score is 300 – you can score up to 10 points for each of your 30 shots.

Pocket Pistol was never intended as a substitute for Practical Pistol, Combat or video situation shoots.


29 June
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Johan de Beer