It’s essential for anyone who owns a handgun and plans to use it for self-defense to prioritize training and practice.

Developing and maintaining shooting skills is crucial for safety and effectiveness.

These are some of the shooting drills that experienced shooters often find beneficial for improving their defensive shooting skills:

  1. Draw and Fire: Practice drawing your handgun from a concealed holster and accurately firing at a target. Focus on speed and accuracy.

  2. Failure to Stop (Mozambique) Drill: Fire two shots to the center of the target and then one to the head. This simulates stopping a threat effectively.

  3. Reload Drills: Work on both emergency and tactical reloads. Ensure you can efficiently reload your firearm under pressure.

  4. Strong Hand and Weak Hand Shooting: Train to shoot accurately with your non-dominant hand. This skill can be invaluable if your dominant hand is injured.

  5. Shooting on the Move: Learn to shoot accurately while moving laterally or forward. This can help you avoid becoming a stationary target in a real-life situation.

  6. Multiple Target Engagement: Set up multiple targets and practice transitioning between them quickly and accurately.

  7. Low-Light Shooting: Practice shooting in low-light conditions, as many self-defense situations occur in reduced visibility. Use a flashlight or night sights if available.

  8. Malfunction Drills: Learn how to quickly clear common firearm malfunctions, such as failure to feed or failure to eject.

  9. Cover and Concealment: Train to use cover and concealment effectively to protect yourself while engaging a threat.

  10. Stress Inoculation Drills: Introduce stress into your training, such as simulated high-pressure scenarios, to better prepare for real-life situations.


Remember, safety is paramount when practicing shooting drills. Always follow proper firearm safety protocols, wear appropriate protective gear, and ensure you are using a reliable and well-maintained firearm.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to seek professional training and guidance from certified instructors who can provide personalized instruction and ensure you are practicing these drills safely and effectively.