The “Box Drill” is a shooting exercise designed to improve target transition and accuracy, particularly when engaging both chest and headshot zones on multiple targets.

It emphasizes precise shot placement under time constraints. Here’s how to perform the Box Drill:

Box Drill:

  1. Set up two targets one yard apart from each other at a distance between five and ten yards.

  2. Ensure that both targets have clearly defined chest and head areas for aiming.

  3. Start with your handgun holstered, facing the two targets.

  4. When ready, quickly draw your handgun and fire two rounds into the chest area of the first target.

  5. Focus on accuracy and rapid target acquisition.

  6. Transition smoothly to the second target and fire two rounds into the chest area. Again, emphasize accurate shot placement.

  7. After firing the two chest shots on the second target, transition to a headshot.

  8. Fire a single round into the head area of the second target, aiming for precision.

  9. Transition back to the first target and fire a single headshot into its head area.

  10. Aim to complete the entire sequence within five seconds or less.

  11. This time constraint adds an element of speed to the drill while maintaining accuracy.


Here are some additional tips and considerations for the Box Drill:

  • Safety: Always prioritize firearm safety. Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, and follow all safety rules.

  • Training: Seek professional training and supervision when practicing this drill, especially if you are new to it.

  • Accuracy: Focus on accurate shot placement on both the chest and head areas of each target.

  • Target Transition: Work on smooth target transitions, minimizing the time between shots on each target.

  • Time Management: Strive to complete the drill within the specified time frame while maintaining accuracy.

  • Target Identification: Ensure you are engaging the correct areas (chest and head) on each target.

  • Ammunition: Ensure you have enough rounds available to complete the drill.

  • Range Rules: Follow the specific range rules and guidelines of the facility where you are practicing.


The Box Drill is an excellent exercise for honing your target transition and shot placement skills, which are crucial in self-defense scenarios.

Responsible firearm handling, safety, and training are always essential when practicing shooting drills.