The Reload Drill is a valuable training exercise that helps improve your speed and accuracy in reloading your firearm. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the drill:

Reload Drill:

  1. Set up your target at a distance of five to ten yards.
  2. Load your magazine with one round and have a full magazine ready.
  3. Start with your firearm in either the high-ready or low-ready position (a position where your firearm is pointed downrange but not aimed at the target).
  4. Fire the first shot: Raise your firearm to aim at the target and fire one shot.
  5. Eject the exhausted magazine: After firing the first shot, quickly eject the empty magazine from your firearm.
  6. Insert the full magazine: With speed and precision, insert the full magazine into the firearm’s magazine well.
  7. Fire the second shot: After reloading, aim at the target and fire a second shot.

The goal is to complete this entire process (from the first shot to the second shot) within three to five seconds. This drill emphasizes both speed and accuracy in reloading your firearm, which can be essential in self-defense situations where you may need to engage multiple threats.

Here are some additional tips for practicing the Reload Drill:

  • Safety: Always prioritize firearm safety throughout the drill. Keep the firearm pointed downrange, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, and maintain awareness of your surroundings.

  • Proper Technique: Focus on efficient magazine changes and smooth transitions between firing and reloading. Avoid fumbling or rushing, as accuracy is crucial.

  • Consistency: Consistent practice is key to improving your speed and accuracy. Repetition will help build muscle memory.

  • Training: Seek professional training and guidance from certified instructors to ensure you’re using proper techniques and safety procedures.

  • Range Rules: Follow the specific range rules and guidelines of the facility where you are practicing.


This drill can help you become more proficient in reloading your firearm quickly and effectively, which is an essential skill for self-defense and overall firearm proficiency.