The Super Test is an advanced shooting drill that combines elements from several other drills into one challenging exercise. Here are the key details about the Super Test:

Objective: The Super Test is designed to test and improve a shooter’s fundamental skills, including sight/dot alignment, trigger press, grip, accuracy, and firing cadence at different distances.

Course of Fire:

  • Targets: NRA B-8 targets.
  • Distances: The drill consists of three strings of fire at three different distances: 15 yards, 10 yards, and 5 yards.
  • Start Position: Shooter begins at the low ready position with the gun loaded to at least 10 rounds.
  • Round Count & Strings of Fire: The drill requires a total of 30 rounds, divided into three strings of 10 rounds each.
  • Par Time: The par times are set at 15 seconds at 15 yards, 10 seconds at 10 yards, and 5 seconds at 5 yards.
  • Passing Score: A combined total score of 270/300 is considered a passing score.
  • Optional: Shooters may choose to use three separate B-8 targets to simplify scoring.


Skills Stressed:

  • Good sight/dot alignment
  • Proper trigger press
  • Solid grip
  • Tight accuracy standard
  • Distance-specific firing cadence


Firing Cadence: The Super Test emphasizes the importance of firing cadence. At different distances, shooters need to adjust their firing speed to meet the par times effectively. This helps develop the skill of knowing when to slow down for precise shots and when to shoot faster for closer targets.

Target: The use of NRA B-8 targets adds a level of accuracy challenge, as the black scoring zones are approximately the size of the high thoracic cavity and the “T-Zone” of the head.

Round Count: The Super Test requires a relatively high round count (30 rounds), which can be demanding on ammunition supplies. However, shooters can modify the drill by using 5 rounds per distance (15 rounds total) to conserve ammo while still benefiting from the exercise.

Recommendation: The Super Test is considered an advanced drill, and the author recommends that shooters become familiar with the standard Test drill before attempting the Super Test. It’s a challenging exercise that helps reinforce fundamental shooting skills.

In summary, the Super Test is a comprehensive shooting drill that tests and improves a shooter’s skills at different distances and par times. It’s a valuable exercise for those looking to challenge themselves and enhance their handgun shooting abilities.


  1. Par Time is a feature found in most shot timers used at the shooting range.
  2. It is a time limit for a shot string, and is signified by a 300ms audible beep
  3. Par Time is the most asked about setting in the Shooter Make Ready app.

The settings for Par Time are:

  • Par Time – enables or disables the Par Time feature
  • Par Time Delay – sets the number of seconds from the start signal to sound the par time signal
  • Par Time is a feature found in most shot timers you might use at the shooting range. It’s for sounding a beep – the par time signal – after a specified time from the start signal.
  • The par time signal is a 300ms audible beep signifying the end of the shot string. This may also be referred to as a time limited shot string.

Par Time

Say you want to practice drawing from a holster then hit a target with 6 shots, all within 3 seconds.

  • You would set Par Time Delay in the app Settings to 3 seconds.
  • Press the START button and on hearing the start signal, draw your pistol and begin taking 6 shots at the target.
  • Three seconds later you’ll hear the par time beep signal signifying the end of the shot string.
  • Any hits on target after the par time signal will be indicated as a penalty.
  • Once you can do the exercise successfully and consistently, set Par Time Delay to something like 2.75 seconds and practice until you can do that well.
  • Decreasing the par time setting as you gain improvements in your performance will help you build the “muscle memory” needed for fast, consistent results.