Tactical Range Officer

Develop your ability to supervise shooting exercises (learnt on the Range Officer Course) by completing the Tactical Range Officer unit standard. Candidates who hold this qualification are able to supervise the operation of a shooting range or shooting exercises in respect of the tactical use of firearms.


As a minimum criteria for Tactical Range Officer the Tactical Skills Course below must have been completed prior to admission to the TRO course

Apply Tactical Knowledge in the use of Firearms (U/S 123510)

This course focuses on generic tactics that are applicable to handguns, shotguns and rifles. On this course, you will learn about shooting while moving, working as a member of a tactical team, dynamic room entry and the correct procedures for clearing difficult areas such as stairwells.

This course is not for beginners!

Duration: The four tactical unit standards are usually run on one course. The duration of the full tactical course is two weeks. Tactical Range Officer can be added onto the tactical program for candidates who wish to complete this unit standard.

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