Competency & proficiency

Training is essential for anyone who wants to own a firearm and this is where it all starts from

Applying for a firearm license for self-defense? Here’s what you need to know 

There are two Unit Standards that all first-time applicants need to complete.

One is the Legal Test and relates to the new Firearms Control Act 60/2000,

The second involves Basic Firearm Training, which covers firearm safety, practical handling and section 49 of the Criminal Procedures Act, this covers the law associated with firearm use for the purpose of self-defense.

You can request from WSSC assistance with finding a suitable Training facility. 

  • There is an open book test in the training manual which needs to be completed before the course takes place. All the answers can be found in the training manual.
  • When you attend the course, the Instructor will work through the content in the training manual with you and then take you through the practical side of safe firearm handling and use.
  • You will then be expected to complete a closed book exam based on the same questions that were contained in the open book exam.
  • Passing the open book, closed book and practical exam qualifies you for the Unit Standards