(Always assume a firearm is loaded)

On arrival at the Range

  1. The Range Officer is in charge of the Range
  2. Shooters shall report to the Range Officer immediately on arrival
  3. Shooters shall complete the register for the day immediately. 
  4. All Shooters shall adhere to the Range Officers instructions
  5. All Firearms being worn will remain Holstered until the Range Officer provides instructions
  6. All other Firearms will as a minimum be in a Bag or carry case. 
  7. No firearms may be handled on the range without permission form the Range officer.  
  8. The Range officer will co-ordinate the clearing of firearms and the preparation for the shoot.


Under no circumstances

shall any shooter handle a firearm anywhere on the range without the Range Officers permission.

Shooters responsibilities during shooting exercises

On the firing Line

  1. All Shooters will wear appropriate PPE (Eyes, ears, clothing, shoes)
  2. All shooters will only handle a firearm on the instructions from the Range Officer. 
  3. The instructions will be clear, if you are unsure of what you heard “DO NOTHING” and raise your hand.
  4. Do not un-holster until instructed
  5. Do not pick-up anything you drop on the ground after un-holstering your fire-arm
  6. Do not Load and make ready until instructed to by the Range Officer
  7. Do not start shooting until instructed to by the Range Officer
  8. Any one may call a cease fire at anytime
  9. Once shooting has ceased wait for the Range Officers instructions 
  10. The Range Officer will instruct you when to: un-load, check 1, check 2, dry fire and to re-holster your firearm.

Do not do anything on the firing line until you are instructed to do so. 

Wait for instructions from

the Range Officer

After the Shooting Exercise is complete

At the back of the Range

  1. All shooters will only leave the firing line once the Range Officer has declared the “Range Open and or Safe” and gives the instruction to leave the firing line.
  2. Firearms will not be handled or un-holstered after leaving the firing line. 
  3. Only magazines may be reloaded and handled at the back of the range in preparation for the next shooting exercise.

Wait for the Range to be declared open by the Range Officer before leaving the firing line 

Preparing to leave the Range at anytime

Changing your firearm to your EDC before leaving the range.

  1. The Range Officer will provide an opportunity under instruction to all shooters as to how and when the change of Firearms to EDC will take place. 
  2. This will require moving to the firing line to un-holster your range firearm and re-place it into your safe transportation carry case or bag. 
  3. Only after replacing your Range Firearm into the safe carry case will you then whilst on the firing line, then set-up your EDC holster and firearm in preparation to leave the range. 

Do not handle any firearm at the back of the range. 

Practicing safety on the range avoids accidents