The Failure to Stop Drill, also known as the Mozambique Drill, is a classic self-defense shooting drill designed to rapidly incapacitate a threat by placing two shots into the chest (center mass) and one shot into the head. Here’s how to perform the Failure to Stop Drill:

Failure to Stop Drill (Mozambique drill):

  1. Set up your target at a distance of seven to ten yards. Ensure that the target has clearly defined chest and head areas for aiming.

  2. Start with your handgun holstered or in the low-ready position (pointed downrange but not aimed at the target).

  3. When ready, quickly draw your handgun and engage the target.

  4. Fire two rapid shots into the center of the target’s chest (center mass). These shots are meant to incapacitate the threat by damaging vital organs.

  5. Transition to the head and fire one well-aimed shot into the center of the head. This shot is intended to neutralize the threat definitively.

  6. Keep your aim on the target until you are sure the threat is no longer a danger.

  7. Repeat the drill multiple times, striving to hit the designated spots (chest and head) within a time frame of two to four seconds. This time frame emphasizes both speed and accuracy.


Here are some additional tips and considerations for the Failure to Stop Drill (Mozambique drill):

  • Safety: Always prioritize firearm safety. Maintain muzzle discipline, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, and treat every gun as if it’s loaded.

  • Training: Seek professional training and guidance from certified instructors to ensure you’re using proper techniques and safety procedures.

  • Consistency: Consistent practice is essential for improving your speed and accuracy in this drill. Repetition will help build muscle memory.

  • Realistic Scenarios: Consider practicing this drill in various scenarios, including low-light conditions or from different positions (standing, kneeling, or from behind cover).

  • Range Rules: Follow the specific range rules and guidelines of the facility where you are practicing.


The Failure to Stop Drill (Mozambique drill) is a valuable exercise for developing the skills needed to respond effectively to a threat, particularly in high-stress situations. Remember that self-defense shooting drills should always be conducted with a focus on safety and responsible firearm ownership.