Private Use and Competency

Private citizens who would like to license a firearm for self-defence need to complete two unit standards. The first is the Knowledge of the Act (U/S 117705), and the second in the basic unit standard for the firearm they wish to license. For example; if a person would like to license a handgun for self-defence; then the Handle & Use a Handgun (U/S 119649) unit standard must be completed as well as unit standard 117705.

The Knowledge of the Act unit standard will cover the legalities around licensing a firearm for self-defence as well as aspects of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. This unit standard requires that the learner complete two written tests; one formative exam (open book with no time limit imposed) and a summative exam (closed book exam in the classroom environment after classroom-based training has taken place).

The basic unit standard, for e.g. Handle & Use a Handgun covers the law pertaining to the actual use of the firearm, the parts & functions of the firearm, maintenance and malfunctions, and the fundamentals required to accurately and safely use the firearm. The learner is required to complete both a formative and summative exam as with the 117705 unit standard and must also complete a practical qualification shoot on the shooting range in order to be found competent against the requirements of the unit standard.

Once you have completed these unit standards; you will receive a certificate from the Training Provider who presented your training, together with a Statement of Results (SoR) from the Quality Assurer; the Professional Firearm Trainers Council. Both these documents will be issued to you by the Training Provider and are required for the Application of your Competency Certificate. Your Training Provider can assist you with your application for Competency if required.

Once your Competency Certificate has been issued (which should take approximately 90 days); you may apply for your firearm license. You can track your application here.

For more information regarding these applications and for the respective application forms; please visit the SAPS site.

Basic Unit Standard manuals are also available in Afrikaans.

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